How to give your virgin partner a great sex?  This can be an embarrassing or awkward topic to ask from your family or friends.

Freak not because we understand how difficult it is to handle a virgin lover in bed. Your best option is to do it slowly and choose the best position that would make her feel comfortable. Unlike what you usually see in porn, first time sex is personal and instinctive. And it is quite tricky to choose the right position for them since they might get hurt.

With that being said, here are the 5 stellar positions in bed you may try with your virgin partner;

  1. Girl on top

The title says it all. While this is most typical for women to lose their V-card in a classic missionary sex position, it’s good as well to try this position. Why? The woman can decide how much control, speed and tightness they’d like to release. Cosmo dubbed it as the ride of your life. You may start with the man lying on his back. Kneel and start lowering yourself down to his buddy, keeping your knees on your bed. After that, move forward and put your hands on both side of his head. Start pumping!

  1. Missionary

Another basic position you need to learn for your virgin partner is the missionary style. It is known as the tamest position of all. The routine is simple; the woman will lie down while the man is on top. When it comes to leg, you can choose from different variations such as spreading them wide, wrapping them around your man, placing them on his broad shoulders and many more.

  1. Spooning

If you want to build deeper connection and intimacy, spooning is your way to go. This makes both lovers feels they are really close to each other. At this point, the penetration is just shallow, giving him an easy access in order to stimulate both clitoris and breasts.

  1. Backdoor Planking

This refers to the modified version of doggy style which offers a good sensation of making love from behind in the absence of deep cervical penetration. According to Tyomi Morgan, a sexuality coach and sex educator, the said position requires the woman to lie securely as the man penetrates her core. The man should slowly enter while going deeper.

  1. Magic Mountain

Don’t mind the name, but this sex position is really great! Simply pile up several pillows in a stack. It’s one reason why it got the mountain title. Once done, lie down your upper half body on it. Next, arch carefully your back as well as utilize the pillows to support all throughout the whole procedure. It’s a good introductory position to another position such as doggy style. With this, you’ll feel the same impact.

Whether you lose your virginity at 16 or 35, it always helps to arm yourself with a few stellar sex positions to ensure you’ll enjoy your first sexual experience.

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