Missionary sex position is almost synonymous to boring sex session for some couples. It doesn’t have to go that way. To stop that stigma, why not do your usual routine with a twist?  Don’t just lie down in bed like a statue when doing this classic man-on-top sex position. Use at least one of these wild ways to fire up your hanky-panky;

Use the power of eye gazing.

If you intend to deepen the intimacy between you and your partner, use the power of eye gazing. During an orgasm, try to hold to seduce your partner through holding an eye contact. Don’t break your eye contact throughout your lovemaking session. However, when he’s already closing reaching his climax, don’t dare to look away. You’ll surely experience an incredibly amazing orgasm you never had in your lifetime.

Warning: This approach isn’t applicable for one night stands.

Rough sex is the new sexy.

You don’t need to be submissive all the time just because you’re on your back. It’s good to get feisty and rough at times. Slowly and sexily touch his back. Once you feel his arousal down there, do it again harder. You may as well bite him, slap his back or chest.

Bring out your naughty side.

Don’t give the fun in missionary position just because it’s boring. Amp your sexual pleasure through bringing out bad girl sex moves. Channel your inner “Anastasia Steele” by trying simple bondage. Ask your partner to be more dominant. Just make sure to set the rules and limitations for your safety. Drown yourself in erotic sensation and intense emotions through surrendering to him. See how he will use his dominance to make your intercourse more exciting.

Try CAT.

If you think, it’s your adorable pet, you got it wrong. CAT stands for Coital Alignment Technique, another sexy trick wherein the man will boost clitoral stimulation through making his penis ride up as much as possible to the clit.

Maximize the use of your sexual system’s center.

Inject excitement in your intercourse through stimulating the center of your sexual system.  Clitoris, the most sensitive female part, requires direct stimulation to reach the climax. Thus, it helps to touch it while doing the deeds. You just need to reach down there while he’s pumping you and arouse your clit. In fact, you can even slip a small vibrator between your naked bodies.

Orgasm before making love

The truth is, lots of women don’t reach their climax from sex alone. It’s one reason why it pays off to have an orgasm before making love. You don’t need to perform contortionist move to pleasure you and your partner’s needs. Simply use your mouth and finger creatively to bring you on the top of the world before the main event. If you weren’t aware, orgasm prepares you for delightful sex of your life.

See? You do not need to curse missionary sex position. With these ways, you can definitely add sensuality in your bedroom repertoire.

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